What is Customs ACH account?

ACH Debit

A filer may choose to use the ACH Debit payment method to authorize U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to withdraw funds through the filer’s financial institution. This payment method is beneficial to filers who are looking to make automatic payments without needing to initiate the transaction.

Benefits of ACH Debit

  • Receiving up to an additional 10 days to pay duties, taxes, and fees on quota and other select merchandise classes.
  • Eliminating lost or stolen checks.
  • Paying all Automated Broker Interface (ABI) statements in a central location.
  • Reducing administrative processing time and costs.
  • Enabling greater alignment to filer business practices.

Sign up ACH: https://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/assets/documents/2018-Nov/CBP%20Form%20400.pdf


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