The Biden-Harris Administration’s New Approach to the U.S. – China Trade Relationship

Joe Biden ran for president on a promise to restore the backbone of this country, the middle class. His North Star will always be a simple question: what is best for American workers and interests? We welcome competition with the People’s Republic of China (PRC). We have also been clear that competition needs to be fair and managed responsibly. Our objective is to create a level playing field for American workers, farmers, and businesses.

Today, we are announcing the initial steps we will take to re-align our trade policies towards the PRC around OUR priorities: 

•    First, we will discuss with China its performance under the Phase One Agreement. China made commitments that do benefit certain American industries, including agriculture that we must enforce.  President Biden will continue to promote our economic interests – and build confidence for American industry. 

•    Second, while pursuing Phase One enforcement, we will restart our targeted tariff exclusions process to mitigate the effects of certain Section 301 tariffs that raised costs on Americans.

•    Third, we continue to have serious concerns with the PRC that were not addressed in the Phase One deal, specifically related to its state-centered and non-market trade practices including Beijing’s non-market policies and practices that distort competition by propping up state-owned enterprises, limiting market access, and other coercive and predatory practices in trade and technology. 

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