Current Active Antidumping & Countervailing Products list from China

Unfair foreign pricing and government subsidies distort the free flow of goods and adversely affect American business in the global marketplace. Enforcement and Compliance, within the International Trade Administration of the Department of Commerce, enforces laws and agreements to protect U.S. businesses from unfair competition within the United States, resulting from unfair pricing by foreign companies and unfair subsidies to foreign companies by their governments. Each antidumping duty (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) order contains a narrative description that defines the merchandise covered by the proceeding. This narrative description outlines the “scope” of the order, and merchandise falling within the narrative description is “in-scope” merchandise.

Each AD or CVD Order contains a description of the covered merchandise which appears at the top of each table. In addition to a narrative description of merchandise covered by the proceeding, the scope language contains Harmonized Tariff System of the United States, (HTSUS), subheadings reflecting the classification of the merchandise covered by the order. However, because only part of the merchandise covered by an individual HTSUS subheading may be subject to an AD or CVD order, the narrative description of the scope is dispositive. The HTSUS numbers are provided for convenience only.

Once an AD or CVD order is in place, Commerce may clarify or amend the scope of that order through specific types of proceedings: scope rulings, anticircumvention proceedings, and changed circumstances reviews.

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